The lease tower apartment in Shinkawa 1-chome 『SUMIDA RIVER SIDE TOWER』Information(English Ver.)☆



It is a tower apartment which stands still at along Sumida River
and which can overlook Sumida River.


A calm entrance is a high-class feeling cinch.


Share institution

It is the institution which was substantial with the
party room to the pool, the gym, and the sauna.

Interior of a room

Since it is [ the bathtub ] extensive, daily fatigue can be relieved firmly.


If the bottom is a kitchen, does cooking also become pleasant calmly


The height and the extensive room of a ceiling are also one
of the charm of the Suda Riverside tower.


Since there is also much storage, it is a recommendation
also in a direction with many loads.

The maximum charm in the Suda Riverside tower is
this view that can overlook all-rooms Sumida River.
I cannot think the center of Tokyo – since calm time can be spent,
he can forget the bustle of a city

※It may differ from the actual room.
Please understand the situation beforehand. 。 



Traffic : Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line  HACCHOBORISTATION On foot 8 minutes
       JR Keiyo Line HACCHOBORISTATION On foot 8 minutes
       Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line KAYABACHOSTATION On foot 9 minutes
       Tokyo Metro Tozai Line KAYABACHOSTATION On foot 9 minutes
       Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line  SUITENGUMAESTATION On foot 10 minutes
       T-CAT On foot 10 minutes

Access : TOKYOSTATION 1 minutes (Keiyo Line)
        NIONBASHISTATION 1 minutes (Tozai Line)
        Otemachi STATION 1 minutes (Tozai Line)
        GINZASTATION 7 minutes (Hibiya Line)
        SHINAGAWA STATION 12 minutes
        (It is the Chuo Line (Rapid Service) use from Tokyo Station.)
        MAIHAMA STATION 12 minutes (Keiyo Line high speed)
        ROPPONGI STATION 15 minutes (Hibiya Line)
        SHINJUKU STATION 17 minutes
        (It is the Toei Shinjuku Line use from Kudanshita.)
        19 minutes (Hanzomon Line)
        IKEBUKURO STATION 18 minutes
        (It is an object for Yurakucho Line from Iidabashi.)
        Haneda Airport 25 minutes (T-CAT)
        Narita Airport 55 minutes (T-CAT)

Address : 1-28-7, Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Completion : 1990
Building number of stories : 22 stories above ground
Common institution : 1F Parking lot Motorbike place  Parking lot for bicycles
                    Rental bicycle Guest parking
                  2F Pool Jim Sauna
                    A party room with a kitchen(A barbecue is good.) 
Indoor equipment : Refrigerator Washing machine(With a drier)
                Curtain Lighting Microwave oven
School district : Meishokindergarten Meisho Elementary school Ginza Junior high school
Circumference environment : Sukiya(89m) Ministop(133m) mizuhobank(135m)
                       SevenEleven(180m) Lawson(195m) nakau(275m)
                       Shinkawa, Chuo-ku 2 post office(341m)
Point : Whatever it may call it, the view which can overlook Sumida River can be enjoyed.
       It is easy to carry the leg of the neighborhood, and Tsukishima and a triumphal
       song also to Tokyo Station or the Ginza.

       T-CAT is also a recommendation in the on foot area also in a direction with many
       business trips, or the direction which likes a travel. !

       There is also a concierge (English correspondence) and it is just an apartment
       like the height of zei.
       If it lives, doesn’t it live in a genuine capital 『

Collection room arrangement  : 1~4LDK
Collection ㎡ : 51~185㎡
Collection rental rate : 198,000~1,297,000円

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